EBR Suspension Services

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We service Kayaba, Showa, Ohlins, Fox, Marzocchi, White Power and  Penske suspension for any application. We maintain a large inventory of parts for quick turn-around.

Our suspension services range from basic component rebuilds to factory style fork and shock setup.  Suspension tuning involves accurate alterations to internal speed-sensitive and position-sensitive elements along with various changes in spring rates and fluid.

We also install anti-bottoming systems, spring seats, DLC coatings and many other works type components.  Fork and shock re-valves are custom designed for each individual riders weight, skill level and track preference. Each setup is supplied with spec sheet, tuning diagram and mounting instructions.

SERVICES - Here you will find a list of precision suspension services offered by EBR.  This section contains descriptions and pricing for REBUILDS, REVALVES, LOWERING and more.

WORKS PARTS - EBR offers riders works type parts superior to production used by most race shops.  Many parts are the same precision machined components inside of top rider's bikes to optimize the suspension.

REPLACEMENT PARTS - We maintain a huge inventory of replacement parts. We keep fork and shock springs, fork and shock bushings, fork and shock seals and wipers, shaft bumpers, bladders and suspension fluids in stock for most makes and models.  If we don't have it, we will get it.


Rebuild Service

Frequent suspension maintenance is required to provide optimum suspension performance and reduce unnecessary wear to fork and shaft internals.  Do not wait until you have a seal leak to service your suspension. 

Revalve Service

An EBR suspension revalve will provide the ultimate feel on the track with reduced fatigue and increased confidence.

Titanium Nitride Coating

TiN is a gold coating that can be impregnated into the fork tubes and shock shaft to resist wear to the surfaces and reduce friction generated by the seals, bushings and tubes.

Fork Springs

Springs are manufactured from the highest quality materials.

All are 100% tested to insure the specific rate and shot

peened, heat treated and preset.


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