EBR Performance - Air Filter Service

Start by removing the seat.  Spray the inside of the air box with a cleaning solution and wipe out all dirt before removing the air filter.

Remove the air filter carefully making sure to keep any dirt from falling into the air box.

Wipe out any dirt the remains in the air boot or box.

Work the filter in a cleaning solution such as varsol or Motorex filter cleaner.  Wash the cleaner out of the filter.  This will break down the oil and release to dirt

Rinse the filter in a soap based solution to remove any existing dirt.  Then rinse a final time in water and let it dry completely.

To prep the filter, start by adding quality filter oil from the inside and working it through to the outside.  (We prefer Motorex)

Once the filter has consistent oil saturation, apply a thin film of grease to the outer sealing surface to collect any dirt that might approach the junction.

Install the air filter in the air box and run your fingers around the sealing lip to make sure that the filter mates to the box properly.